The best way to create the future is to shape it

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10x Value Partners acts as the asset manager of its founder and CEO Christian Schroeder. We are investing in a number of asset classes with a focus on fast-growing technology companies that are post-revenue (Seed up to pre-IPO).
Other activities include company building, private debt and selected advisory mandates.


10x Value Partners is a sector-agnostic and global investor. We are focused on investing in technology companies where we can add value through our expertise and network, giving companies an unfair advantage to win. Some common characteristics of our investments are strong unit economics and ideally, a large portion of recurring revenue.


At 10x Value Partners, we believe that entrepreneurs are creating the future, and that the biggest opportunities can be found where there is a big gap between the status quo and likely future scenarios. Hence, we spend a significant amount of time shaping our mindset and thinking about the future, almost acting like a think tank. We share this knowledge publicly to help the world advance into a better future.

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