At 10x Value Partners, we believe that entrepreneurs are creating the future, and that the biggest opportunities can be found where there is a big gap between the status quo and likely future scenarios. Hence, we spend a significant amount of time shaping our mindset and thinking about the future, almost acting like a think tank. We share this knowledge publicly to help the world advance into a better future.

How to reach your Goals — The 10x Principle for Success in Life and Business

Success in life and business ultimately depends on the quality and speed of decisions and their implementation. This article sheds more light on this profound insight and guides readers on how to reach more success. Recently, I was having dinner with a friend working at a large private equity fund. He told me an interesting story about a buy-out deal and three people: A founder selling his company, the partner of the private equity fund and the partner of a Big4 accountancy.

The Element of Certainty — A Universal Framework...

Summary: Fundamentally, wealth creation depends on two things: Providing value to customers and capturing part of it. In this article, we will study how to pursue opportunities to create billion-dollar businesses. Essentially, there are two ways to go about: Firstly, you can become an “Aggressive First Mover” in a newly emerging industry. Secondly, you can use a technique called “Element of Certainty” to become the “Contrarian Last Mover” for less obvious, but equally interesting opportunities in a more developed sector.

The Opportunity Universe: A Framework for Winning in Life

Ultimately, winning in life comes down to two things: (1) Having good options to pick from and (2) picking the right ones. To this end, I’ve created a framework called “Opportunity Universe” that can help you think through your opportunities in a systematic manner. Moreover, I’ve developed an approach for choosing the right opportunities based on your capabilities, market forces and your passions. Following this approach, you will be able to pursue the right opportunities and be successful doing so. While this article focuses on career success, you can ultimately use this framework for all domains of life.

The Ultimate Case for Angel Investing

We currently live in an era with an unprecedented money supply, which has contributed to soaring asset prices and sky-high security valuations. These price increases coincide with low interest rates and high inflation that have rendered many investment opportunities like fixed income securities money losing and stock market investments risky. Since traditional avenues for investing now present enhanced risk, I am making the case for a role of an angel investor in early stage technology companies. The fast growth of such assets can function as a hedge against the multiple compression risk associated with rising interest rates, and empirical evidence shows that angel investors can beat the returns of most other asset classes with sufficient diversification.